Never never land

Never Never Land features short films, animations, posters, photographs and installations from Abdullah Al Mutairi, Arwa Al Neami, Monira Al Qadiri, Foundland, Hasan Hujairi, and Ahmed Mater. It will present a new perspective on the region and takes its title from a body of work by Arwa Al Neami, shot in a theme park ‘Mahrajan Abha’ in Abha, Saudi Arabia which has a restrictive set of rules which forbids screaming and shouting on rides.
The works in the show subvert mass media formats and official communiqués such as music videos, game shows, advertisements, religious public service murals and pedagogical exercises as well as fashion.  Here, preconceptions and stereotypes are parodied and challenged; and these mainstream tropes are subverted and re-appropriated with both an irreverence and thoughtfulness.  


In countries where activism is curtailed and overt social critique is frowned upon, the rebellion inherent in humor is particularly valuable and powerful. Where censorship is widespread, satire, parody, and humour are often the best or only means available to air opinions, voice dissent, or challenge societal norms and taboos. 

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