Pyramids, the Ziggurat, metaphorical mountains and ladders, recognised as one of the most ancient mechanisms for climbing, continue to form essential parts of Siti’s visual vocabulary. Each of these forms has a powerful symbolic meaning, and their deconstruction in Siti’s work conveys the concept of a shift from their former position within a historical cultural tradition to a complex contemporary form. The ensuing transformation from order to disorder and vice versa defines this body of work. RE-CONSTRUCTION creates a visual metaphor for dislocation and disorientation, where new potential has been unleashed in a fragile and troubled landscape that is witnessing rapid social change and an uncertain future.


A timely exhibition that comprised new large-scale paintings, works on paper and installations, expressing Siti’s reaction to the on-going process of transformation and ‘re-construction’ in the Middle East and in particular the artist’s homeland of Iraq; where a continuous struggle to create, destroy and rebuild defines a deeper and darker human endeavour to ‘build imaginary mountains’ and reach the summit at any cost.

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