‘Through the artists’ visions we bear witness to a world in transition; a world where political, cultural and physical realities are in dramatic flux, and where the central axes of identity and faith are adapting to the influences of technology, consumer culture and the global information age. Saudi contemporary art has taken a big step forward in recent years, and we are very proud to co-curate Edge of Arabia in Istanbul, a Capital city of cultural importance and the symbolic borderland between East and West.’

Progress Art and Stephen Stapleton


TRANSiTION is a showcase for 22 emerging Saudi artists who are pushing the boundaries of contemporary art practice in the Kingdom. These artists, whose work spans a full range of installation, performance, photography, painting, video and sculpture, represent a new generation of creative voices, reaching out across borders.

The title TRANSiTION references the extraordinary era of change that young Saudi artists are living through today, and how many of them have chosen to document shifting conceptions of self, faith, culture and society in their work

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