Ahmed Mater

“His stethoscope has enabled him to examine the secrets of space, and to single out the beauty of the mountains that inhabit the clouds. Having discovered that art is as humanist a profession as medicine, he woke up a slumbering corner of the world with a brush and a camera. By using them he was propelled ahead of his time and his age and into international recognition. This is Ahmed Mater the physician, the artist and the photographer."

HRH Prince Khalid Al-Faisal | Governor of Makkah

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ISBN-13: 978-1861543189


An illuminating look at one of the Middle East’s most fascinating contemporary artists, this survey is the first to explore the extraordinary life and work of Saudi artist Dr Ahmed Mater. Mater’s work, exhibited at the Venice Biennale and in the collections of the British Museum and Los Angeles County Museum of Art, is informed by his education and life as a medical doctor, as well as by his traditional religious upbringing and Saudi culture. His work, which encompasses photography, calligraphy, painting, installation and video, explores the narratives and aesthetics of Islamic culture in an era of globalization, consumerism and dramatic flux.

The book examines four of Mater’s most important artistic projects, and includes contributions from leading scholars and commentators writing from London, Riyadh, Los Angeles, Paris, Abha, Sana’a and Amsterdam. Catherine David’s foreword positions Mater’s work within the cultural context of the Arabian Gulf, while the book’s elegant design evokes the artist’s Middle Eastern sensibility.

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