Jenine Sharabi

“…the black Abaya is the dominant colour against the white of the canvas... it is bold and assertive and empowering.”

1985 born in Athens, Greece and lives and works between Manama, Bahrain and Budapest, Hungary. 

Jenine Sharabi was born in Greece to an American mother and Palestinian father. In 1989 Jenine and her family relocated to Bahrain where she was raised until she completed her studies at St. Christophers School. In 2009 she obtained a BA (hons) degree in Graphic Design from Central Saint Martin's college of Art and Design, London. She has a passion for visual culture and is a strong believer in its power to influence, inspire and shape minds.

In her opinion, the strongest work needs no rationale but speaks volumes through carefully considered content and craftsmanship. Jenine consistently maintains both the meticulous eye of a graphic designer and the open mind of a conceptual artist.

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