26 Mar 2018 - 29 Mar 2018
450 Park Ave, New York
NY 10022

About Reframe Saudi in New York

Reframe Saudi is a Virtual Reality documentary film directed by Matteo Lonardi and produced by CULTURUNNERS that explores Saudi Arabia from the perspectives of a new generation of contemporary artists. As the country enters a new phase socially and economically, the film transports you to the studios of artists across the Kingdom. Each of them, through their work, reflects on a different aspect of this transformative historical time.

New York audiences were invited to experience Reframe Saudi in the immersive context of an exhibition of works by featured artists, becoming witness to the vivid profusion of cultural narratives shaping life in the changing Kingdom. The exhibition included an immersive Virtual Reality installation, a curated display of portrait photographs, artworks by leading Saudi artists and a behind the scenes film.

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