Sarah Abu Abdallah

"Painting a wrecked car like icing a cake, as if beautifying the exterior would help fix the lack of functionality within the car. This wishful gesture was the only way I could get myself a car - cold comfort for the current impossibility of my dream that I, as an independent person, can drive myself to work one day."

Born in Saudi Arabia in 1990, Sarah Abu Abdullah discovered art through her mother and continuously studied art from a young age. She then pursued her art education in the College of Fine Arts in the United Arab Emirates. Her works embed a sense of tradition and culture although executed in contemporary means. Her current works deals with the act of covering. Through photography and video she investigates different meanings the cover produces as it sheathes a subject. In reference to gender roles and women covering, Sarah covers various subjects to impose on them the experience of a female, exploring in the process issues of obscurity and value.

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