Sarah Abu Abdallah

"Painting a wrecked car like icing a cake, as if beautifying the exterior would help fix the lack of functionality within the car. This wishful gesture was the only way I could get myself a car - cold comfort for the current impossibility of my dream that I, as an independent person, can drive myself to work one day."

1990 born and lives in Qatif.

Sarah Abu Abdallah studied art at the University of Sharjah, UAE, graduating in 2011, and has just completed a Master’s in Digital Media at the Rhode Island School of Design in Providence, Rhode Island. Abu Abdallah has held exhibitions at the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art in Denmark, BAM Film Festival, and the Serpentine Galleries 89 plus Marathon, London. In 2013 she featured in the Sharjah Biennial, the Venice Biennial, and Global Art Forum 7’s fellowship program in Art Dubai. She contributed to Arts and Culture in the Transformative Times festival by ArteEast, NYC, and the Moving Image panel on Video + Film  in Palazzo Grassi, Venice.

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