Samer Fouad

1989 born in Egypt and lives and works in Seattle, USA. 

Samer Fouad is an artist, photographer, and graphic designer based in Seattle. He has a Bachelors in Fine Arts degree with a major in Graphic Design and a minor in Art History. Samer's work has been featured in galleries and magazines spanning from New York to Tokyo, including +81 Gallery, Project for Empty Space, the AIGA, Design Sponge, Ad Week and Pantone™.

His work "To Seek Refuge" shines a light on recent events concerning immigration and conflict in the Middle East. By using found objects and creating an immersive environment, the artist invites the viewer to familiarize him/herself with feelings that are not so familiar, using the aesthetics that resemble Syrian architecture prior to the civil war and combines them with the aesthetics of the destruction that followed. The GIF of the faceless woman speaks also of the loss of identity when a displaced civilian seeks refuge.

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