Sama Alshaibi

"Facing high levels of unemployment, many young Arab men are stripped of dignity, sexuality, motivation and hope. Often finding their masculine outlets in risky and destructive ways, one of the most popular pastimes of young Arab men - from the streets of Jeddah in Saudi Arabia to Ramallah in Palestine, where the video was shot – is the practice of daredevil car stunts, or ‘donut’ spins.
In contrast to this, the screen below depicts the graceful flowing movements of an airborne dancer. Suspended by a thick black silken rope, she spins closer and then further, at times enveloped by the cascading veil-like fabric and at others breaking free from its clutches."

1973 born in Basra, Iraq and lives in Tucson, Arizona.

Sama Alshaibi was born in Basra to an Iraqi father and a Palestinian mother, and is based in the United States where she is Chair and Associate Professor of Photography and Video Art at the University of Arizona, Tucson. Sama holds a BA in Photography from Columbia College and an MFA in Photography, Video, and Media Arts from the University of Colorado. She was a recipient of the Fulbright Scholar Fellowship in 2014 as part of a residency at the Palestine Museum, where she developed an educational program while conducting independent research.

Sama is a multi-media artist who employs the use of photography, video/object hybrids, and installation. Her practice explores spaces of conflict, post-war and migration to tease out issues of citizenship and power. Frequently featuring herself as a protagonist within her works, she applies the body as an allegorical device to investigate geographical metaphors that exist between spaces of political and social oppression.

Sama is represented by Ayyam Gallery.

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