Rashad Salim

1957 born in Sudan and lives and works in London, UK.

Rashad Salim is an Iraqi-German expeditionary artist and designer with an interest in the history and development of culture and technology. Rashad is an interdisciplinary autodidact who has studied at the Institute of Fine Arts in Baghdad and Saint Martin’s in London.

In 1977-78, he took part in Thor Heyerdahl’s Tigris expedition, traveling on a reed boat from Iraq to East Africa. In 2015, he launched “Ark Re-imagined”, a project questioning what the Ark would look like if it was based on the ecology and craft traditions of Mesopotamia and built using materials and techniques during that period.

In 2016, he began fieldwork in Iraq and established Safina Projects CIC to deliver the project and its program of boat constructions, river journeys, research, artworks, events, and capacity-building outcomes for Iraqi arts, crafts and cultural heritage. 

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