Nouf Alhimiary

Born 1992 in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and lives in London, UK.

Nouf Alhimiary is an artist and writer whose work focuses on feminising the gaze through which we perceive cultural, social and racial identity and representation. Vulnerability, intimacy, gender and love are among her most visited themes. She explores these topics through portrait photography (analog and digital), and video. 

Nouf graduated from Effat University with a BA in English Literature, and is currently an MSc student in Gender, Media & Culture at the London School of Economics. She is a Misk Foundation Fellow and a Crossway Foundation alumna, taking part in Create & Inspire 2012. 

Nouf's work has been exhibited in Saudi Arabia, and internationally. She was featured in Hajj: A Journey to The Heart of Islam, British Museum’s Addis Gallery (2012), was part of two seminal exhibitions of Saudi artists: RHIZOMA : Generation in Waiting during the 2014 Venice Biennale and, in the same year, Mostly Visible, Jeddah Art Week. She has also been shown at Sharjah Art Museum as part of the 2014 Islamic Art Festival and, in 2015, she was featured in Invisible Lines at the Islamic Human Rights Commission Gallery, London.

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