Noha Al-Sharif

"Many people carry a void within their souls - be it spiritual, emotional or educational. Far from being a weakness, I believe this void is a strength. For it is this sense of lacking or need that drives and motivates a human being to search for God, love or enlightenment. Sometimes I think that contentment is tantamount to complacency. If one is content, would we ever strive to evolve and better ourselves?"

1980 born in Jeddah and lives in Qassim, Saudi Arabia.

Noha Al-Sharif is a Saudi sculptor, currently living and working in Qassim, Saudi Arabia. She graduated from the Jeddah School of Fine Arts with a BA in 2004 and then continued her studies at the School of Oriental and African Studies in London where she obtained a Diploma in Asian, South Asian and Islamic Art. Following this, she received a Ph.D in Islamic Art from Winchester University. Noha left London in 2016 and now works as a lecturer at Qassim University in Saudi Arabia.

Noha has an interest in the representation of groups and the sculptural history of how different figures relate to each other. She is known for her Islamic-inspired sculptures that reflect both, religion and lifestyle. She eliminates any facial details and abstracts the organic dark sculptures into representations of female figures. The artist feels strongly that her sculptures are not intended to offend nor be turned into sacred objects, as she is all too aware that religious representation is traditionally discouraged in Islam. Instead she clarifies: “This work is my expression of the power of prayer. My intention here is entirely pure.”

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