Muzamil Choudhury

“There was also something strange about this image. It looked staged. I couldn’t think of times in the past when we’d been shown into the heart of the American political machine like this. It was an anxious image too. I came away from it feeling as though I had to do something with it.”

1977 born and lives in Manchester, UK.

Muzamil Choudhury is an artist of Pakistani descent. He is influenced and inspired by his upbringing, growing up in the industrial city of Manchester.

Largely self-taught, he has attended courses at The Prince’s School of Traditional Arts. After spending much of his youth working at his family restaurant and knitwear factory, he took up a career as a firefighter. Being a British Muslim firefighter has presented emotional, mental and physical challenges but has also given Choudhury a rich body of experiences that have informed his artistic practice.

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