Mohammed Al Ghamdi

"My work is not a nostalgic attempt to relive the past but is rather an endorsement of the power of the past to create the future... My work is a contemporary vision expressed visually, left for a contemporary viewer to translate and interpret."

Mohammed Al Ghamdi (b. 1959 in Al Baha) holds a degree in Aviation Engineering from California, USA. His experience with art long precedes his engineering qualifications but drew on it with his knowledge of materials.

Al Ghamdi uses recycling wood as a main medium. He recycles the refuse of our changing society, shaping them into a new definition of value and beauty, fossilizing into eternity moments we thought obsolete. Al Ghamdi held numerous solo and group exhibitions in Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Iran, Czech Republic, Switzerland, and Italy, in addition to participations in international art fairs.

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