Marwah AlMugait

"My work is a constant attempt to answer what it's like to compose visually fragmented visions in my mind that my eyes have never seen before."


1981 born in Al Khobar, lives in Riyadh.

Marwah AlMugait is from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and has a BA in Business Administration from King Saud University, and attended the University of Westminster for her MA in Photojournalism in 2012. While developing her visual perspective, Marwah has dramatically shifted from the commercial approach in photography into a more conceptually layered body of work. Her photographs tend to be intimate portraits of stories, providing the audience a confidential glimpse into a private moment.

Marwah’s work focuses on exposition: shedding light on things that people overlook or discard. Her work encompasses a wide variety of themes but embodies the desire to explore the gap between different ways of communicating. Marwah’s work emphasizes the fluidity and turbulence. By drawing from a wide range of technologies and a heightened sense of awareness, she forces her audience to pay attention to the pauses in human interaction.

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