Maha Malluh

“My inspiration for art comes from my country, a land of contrasting images and ideas. Good art… forces you to pause, to contemplate and think harder about your surroundings.”

“Food is one of those things that brings people together. In Food For Thought, the baking trays, which would have once cradled scrumptious bread, are instead carrying passé cassettes. It is through listening to these audio cassettes that people gather.”

Maha Malluh is a Saudi artist, born in the traditional region of Najd, who explores the challenges of modernity that have come so overwhelmingly to Saudi Arabia. She has exhibited since 1976 and has in later years acquired a BA in English literature and a Californian certificate in design and photography.

Continuous in her artwork, that started with collages and developed into photograms, is her use of symbolic and real imagery to express her opinion about life in Saudi Arabia.

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