1980 born in Bucharest, Romania and lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Khalid AlBaih is a Sudanese artist and political cartoonist, born in Romania raised in Doha, Qatar. Khalid publishes his cartoons on social media under Khartoon!, a word play on cartoon and Khartoum, the capital of Sudan.

Khalid's cartoons have been published widely in international publications including The Atlantic, PRI, and NPR, in addition to his published written social and political commentary in publications such as The Guardian and Al Jazeera.

His work has been exhibited in group exhibitions including “do it [in Arabic]” (Sharjah, 2016) and “RE:BELLION // RE:LIGION // RE:FORM - Artistic Action in Times of Crisis” (Zwickau, Germany, 2015), as well as solo exhibitions at Virgina Commonwealth University ( Doha, Qatar, 2016), 1After360 Gallery (New Delhi, India, 2016),  the Arab American National Museum (Dearborn, MI, 2015), McGill University Montreal, 2014), and Edge of Arabia (London, 2013).

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