Khalid Al Gharaballi

"Chai Dhaha and Kuwait's obsession with tissue – while these subjects appear to be disparate, we feel that they are integral to Kuwait's modern, post-oil history and aesthetics but have been left unaddressed in contemporary national discourse."

1981 born in Kuwait City, Kuwait and lives in New York, USA.

Khalid Al Gharaballi is a stylist and artist based in New York. His work has been published in Vogue Homme Japan, V, Tokion, GQ and A magazine. Khalid is also a contributor to Bidoun and DIS Magazine. He has performed at Bidoun's Art Park at Art Dubai.

Khalid is also part of the GCC collective. Consisting of a “delegation” of nine artists, the GCC makes reference to the English abbreviation of the Gulf Cooperation Council, an economic and political consortium of Arabian Gulf nations. Founded in the VIP lounge of Art Dubai in 2013, the GCC makes use of ministerial language and celebratory rituals associated with the Gulf to create videos, photographs, sculptures, and installations that examine the region’s rapid transformation in recent decades.

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