Hala Ali

“My work engages in the exploration of text, language and meaning. Ideas are represented through letters in order to explore the functions of the literary and its place within the wider visual arts context.”

Through use of various types of media such as stencil, print, photography, tape, cardboards and spray paint in imposingly large-scale wall works, Hala Ali’s works examine concepts of contextual meaning and challenge traditional notions of abstract concepts such as text and image. When utilizing language and text harmoniously to achieve typographic images, preconceived notions are questioned.

Ali was born in Saudi Arabia but studied in the United Kingdom. She then moved to the United Arab Emirates and is currently enrolled in the Fine Arts program, University of Sharjah. Ali’s blunt and argumentative works speak to ideas of female invisibility, militancy and social dogmas.

The New York Times, 19/01/2012:

[...] Women feature in the Edge of Arabia as artists and even as subjects. They address gender-specific issues, but also present statements applicable to any society in the world as demonstrated by Hala Ali, a 25-year-old fine arts graduate from the University of Sharjah who is based in Dubai.

In this show, her installation “Brainwash” depicts car-wash brushes made from newspapers compressed between two flat metal clamps.

“Brainwash represents the removal of literal, inscribed language as a medium, toying with the idea of the visual pun,” she said last week by telephone from Dubai. “It openly ensconces political intent and a latent distrust of information.” [...] Read the full article here.

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