Dhafer Al Shehri

1979 born in Taif and lives in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. 

After receiving a diploma in Cartography from the General Commission for Military Survey Institute, Dhafer then went on to complete a Bachelor’s degree in Electric Technology  from the Jeddah College of Technology in 2008. Originally a General Sergeant in the Saudi military, Dhafer put his cartography education to use as he was part of the photography team in the Saudi Arabian Atlas. In 2008 he decided to pick up photography as a way to shoot traditional subjects within modern contexts and in 2014, Dhafer decided to quit the military to focus solely on his own projects.

He has received numerous awards including National Geographic (2nd place,  2014), Honorable Mention at the Prix De La  Photographie Paris PX3 (2012) and The Al- Thani Award for Photography 2010-2012 (two  Gold Medals). In 2014-2015, Dhafer was a UNDP World Environment Day Participant.


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