Abdullah Al Othman

1985 born and lives in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Abdullah Al Othman is both an artist and a published poet. Abdullah’s work is conceptual, or idea-based, and incorporates the written word, personal manifestos, and color to suggest various possibilities and meanings. He works in different artistic styles and mediums, including video, graffiti, street art, interventions, and small installations that stray from traditional frames of reference. His poetry is published in two volumes, “A Late Memory, 10 seconds” and “This Void May Occur Twice.”

In his work, Abdullah searches for that which is fleeting within life, in order “to tighten the first around that moment and preserve it for eternity.” This artistic vision often sides with the marginal places of life and identities with human dilemmas and struggles. He generally steers away from traditional art historical references, yet claims Marcel Duchamp as an inspiration. To Duchamp’s statement that “my art is that of living” Abdullah adds his own interpretation: “Art means living deeply.” 

"I explore art which leans toward the margins of life," he explains. "I do not have any commitment to beautify the world but I understand the language of pleasure very well. I am a friend of Duchamp in this sense."


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