"Social media is the best tool we have available to showcase and express our art. When I do a new piece of street art I will take a photo and share it on social media. This enables all of my followers, friends and fans to comment, share and like the work I do. But also provide criticism. You can’t create this type of dialogue on the streets."

"My dream is to have my name be synonymous to Saudi art."

Shaweesh is a young Saudi street artist based in Riyadh, part of a growing movement of young street artists in the country. He believes in initiating dialogue on the streets with his interpretations and impressionable art. He began in 2009 with graffiti art, and expanded his expertise to digital, street and pop art. Shaweesh pursues US pop culture and classic Arabic themes of art. He has 5 years of experience creating digital art, typography and graffiti.

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